The Threshold Singers of Madison were featured on Channel 3000 in 2015.

Watch the video above to see us in action and hear directly from our members.

About The Singers

The Threshold Singers of Madison sing healing and comforting songs for people who are seriously ill, dying, or grieving.


We are an all-women group of volunteers who sing a cappella, in unison, harmony, and rounds.

When singing bedside, we visit in small groups of up to four singers.

Prior to the pandemic, we were singing at UW Hospital, Agrace Hospice Center, Capitol Lakes, and at various memorial programs in Dane County, Wisconsin. We continue to rehearse and support each other during the pandemic but are not currently able to sing for others.

How It All Began...

"The seed for the Threshold Choir was planted in June of 1990 when I sang for my friend Larry as he lay in a coma, dying of HIV/AIDS. I did housework all morning and was terrified when the time came to sit by his bedside.  I did what I always did when I was afraid; I sang the song that gave me courage.  I sang it for 2 ½ hours.  It comforted me, which comforted him.  The contrast between the morning and the afternoon was profound. I felt as if I had given generously of my essence to my dear friend while I sang to him. I also found that I felt deeply comforted myself, which in turn was comforting to him." - Kate Munger, Founder of the Threshold Choir

Threshold Choir Chapters now exist in more than 200 communities around the world. 

The intention of our service is to provide comfort and healing.  

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The Creation of the

Threshold Singers of Madison

Casper Sunn Soluna started the Threshold Singers of Madison on May 19, 2009, following the profound experience of singing at her mother’s hospice bedside and witnessing the healing power of music for everyone there. Other women were drawn to Casper's clear vision, and after a year of learning lots of songs, learning to blend with each other in small and large groups, and learning how to be present with people who were experiencing difficult emotions, they began offering services to the Madison-area community.

Cris Derrick Soluna began serving as administrative director in the Spring of 2010, and together with Casper, they organized the first Great Lakes Threshold Choir Gathering in June of 2010 led by Kate Munger, Founder of the National Threshold Choir movement. The weekend gathering culminated in the launching of the Threshold Singers of Madison at a free community debut event held at the MATC auditorium with performances by the Madison singers, the regional gathering singers, and a showing of the film Holding Our Own: Embracing the End of Life (with permission from the filmmaker, Camilla Rockwell).

After Casper retired as Music Director at the end of 2013, the group to began operating as a leader-full circle with shared responsibilities.
We are currently self-led, by consensus, with a small volunteer governing body that provides guidance for decision-making and the ongoing activities of the larger choir membership.